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The Sweetness From Lips Throught Heart

The best premium crunchy cookies for RAYA

"Looking for the authentic cookies? Royal Cookies is absolute choice for all."

About Royal Cookies

Our Passion is just to make a Premium Raya Cookies

Served in the F&B industry from 1997, aside want to become the best frozen food and snacks manufacture, we also strive to create new product for occasion purpose that set us apart in both look and taste. Using inspiration and recipes from around the world, we offer a wide range of products, from handcrafted traditional favorites to trend-leading flavor combinations. Royal Cookies are one of Krupp-Krapp Raya’s most popular products.

limited Raya Edition

For Every Occasion

If you’re looking for premium, crunchy cookies, this is the best choice. It can include nestum, almonds, and tart is just perfect for you!

Royal Cookies® (Raya Edition)

Tart Nenas

Peanut Nestum

Orange Custard

Ombak Rindu



Barry Choc

Greatest Crunchiness From Greatest Texture

The best form of roll snack exclusively made for all

"It is not just some random snack that you can get in this 20th century."

About Roll Snack

Exclusive Texture That Embraces Your Satisfaction Demand

In 2019, we entered the snack market with five unique Popia skin snacks under the NZCrunchies brand. To date, we already has 21 of his SKUs. Separately, we continue to launch two SKUs exclusively for Raya. These two SKUs are known in the Roll Snack Category which is Nestum Horlick and Nestum Chocolate.

Roll Snack® (Raya Edition)

Nestum Horlicks

Nestum Chocolate

limited Raya Edition

For Every Occasion

Want to enjoy the authentic taste with the exquisite combination of texture and texture? NZCrunchies snack rolls are the best choice!

Traditional Taste With Exquisite Crunchiness

Modernizing top traditional flavuors

"The Perfect Inspiration from Morden's Asian Cuisine"

About Signature Snack

Make Eid more meaningful with the deliciousness of traditional Asian flavours

Only limited in conjunction with Hari Raya, NZCrunchies released 2 signature snacks with a special Asian flavor theme to further enliven the Muslim victory day. Over 30,000 bottles are sold out every year and this time, NZCrunchies is launching again to appreciate the support of NZCrunchies brand snack lovers

Signature Snack®

Nestum Klasik

Signature Snack®

Signature Snack®

Rendang Licious

Signature Snack®

Signature Snack® (Raya Edition)

Nestum Klasik

Rendang Licious

Limited Edition

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